While things have appeared to be quiet at Tavultesoft over the last 2 months, we've been very busy working on a number of projects.  One area I have been heavily involved in is working through bug reports and crash reports for Keyman Desktop 8.0.

We did a lot of work on reviewing the bug and crash reports, and in the process released a number of beta updates during this period.  These beta releases have been undergoing stability testing and I am pleased to report that the fixes so far all appear to be solid.  The full release notes are available, but I'd like to highlight a few of most significant fixes now:

  • UPDATE! A fix for the Enter key not working in Chrome.  We eneded up downloading the Chrome source (known as Chromium) and building a debug version of Chromium to isolate the issue here. 
  • A fix for characters repeating on some computers (I2908).  On a few computers, when typing with Keyman Desktop, each letter would appear twice, especially in Microsoft Word.
  • Several fixes for keyboard selection failing (I3191, I3227, I3212, I3160).  The most significant of these fixes a situation where Keyman keyboards don't activate when US-International is the default Windows keyboard layout.
  • A fix for a crash when switching to another user interface language, caused by a damaged user interface language file that was posted to our website for a few days (sorry folks!) (I3192)
  • A workaround for a crash when Keyman is shut down, caused by a third-party component (I2975, I3008, I3072, I3105, I3111, I3116, I3132, I3139, I3152, I3164, I3189, I3206).  Each of these crashes had different characteristics but they all stemmed from the same problem in the buggy component, which we've now eliminated from Keyman Desktop and rewritten from scratch.

If you ever experience a crash in Keyman Desktop or Keyman Developer, you have the opportunity to send in a crash report to us.  If you include your email address when you send us the crash report, we'll treat it as a support case and work with you to resolve the issue, whether it is caused by a bug in Keyman Desktop, or by some other circumstance on your computer.  Nearly all the fixes in these beta releases have come about as the result of feedback from end users.  So, tell us when you have a problem with our software!

We are shortly going to release an update which will be automatically available to all Keyman Desktop 8.0 users which incorporates all the fixes above, and more.  It will be a recommended update for all users.  If you want to get hold of these changes now, download the beta!

We have some other exciting (for me, at least) projects on the boil which I hope we can talk about soon!

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