For all of you who speak and write èdè Yorùbá, we are announcing three new Yorùbá keyboards:

Map — Yoruba

  • Yorùbá with Dot for KeymanWeb is a simple Unicode keyboard for the Yorùbá language, using the modern dot under the letters ẹ, ọ and ṣ. Find out more from the help guide.
  • Yorùbá with Bar for KeymanWeb is the same simple Unicode keyboard but using the traditional bar under the letters e̩, o̩, and s̩. Here is the help guide.
  • Yorùbá 8 for Keyman Desktop combines both keyboards into a single Unicode keyboard for the Yorùbá language with the option to use
    either the modern dot or the traditional bar under the letters ẹ, ọ and
    ṣ. Here is the help guide.

For those of you who don't yet know about èdè Yorùbá, it's a tonal, SVO, Niger-Congo language spoken by over a quarter of a million people in Nigeria, Benin, and around the world. In addition to the three special letters which use a dot or bar below, Yorùbá also has the digraph letter GB and a collection of accents to indicate tones. Now you know!

Time to give Yorùbá a try on Keyman Desktop or KeymanWeb.

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