We are very excited to announce the launch of Keyman Desktop 9.0!  Keyman Desktop 9.0 is the world’s leading custom input method tool for Windows, covering thousands of languages in every country under the sun — with keyboard layouts created by the Keyman community and your own creations made with Keyman Developer!

Visit www.keyman.com/desktop to learn more or download!

Free Edition

We’ve made a whole bunch of improvements to Keyman Desktop, but first…  the news you are really going to want to hear is that Keyman Desktop now has a Free Edition!

And we’ve cut the price of the Professional Edition as well!

New Features

I’ll talk some more about the Free Edition shortly.  I want to share with you about the improvements in version 9.0. We’ve updated for Windows 8 and 8.1 and rewritten large parts to reduce complexity. Our focus is, as always, helping you to get your language into your documents, messages and creations, without fuss, and without needing to be a computing expert.

Here’s a rundown of the most important new features!

Tight Integration

Keyman Desktop has been rewritten for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.  It now integrates deeply into Windows’ Text Services Framework and presents as a keyboard through all Windows language interfaces.  This means that keyboard input support is more consistent in all applications.


Beautiful, Simple, Clean

The user interface has been extensively redesigned, cleaned up and simplified.

We’ve made it easier to manage your keyboard layouts: choose the languages which your keyboard will be associated with and they’ll instantly be installed into your system. No fiddling with complex and arcane Control Panels!


Switching languages is easier than ever.  Keyman Desktop now shows all languages and input methods installed on the system, not just Keyman keyboards.  You’ll find Keyman’s language menu is clearer and easier to use than either the Language Bar or the Windows 8 input method switcher.


In the Professional edition, we have upgraded the Windows Alt+Left Shift language switch hotkey to provide a Language Switch window.  We think this feature alone will save you significant time and frustration every single day: no more tedious, repetitive language switching.  Language switching is now intuitive, rapid and visual.



The Font Helper (Professional Edition) lists all the fonts on your system that are compatible with your selected keyboard.  It even tells you when a font will cover most but perhaps not all the letters in your language!


Now here’s a cool tip: in the Character Map Tool (Professional Edition), double click to insert a character directly into your document.  Or, hold the Ctrl key, and single-click: this makes it so much faster to insert multiple characters!  You’ll soon forget the bad old days of using the Windows Character Map to tediously copy characters to the clipboard and paste them into your document…


No strings attached

The Free Edition has no registration requirement nor restrictions as to where you use it. Of course, we hope you’ll find the Professional Edition compelling and buy that!

The Free Edition replaces the Light Edition from Keyman Desktop 7 and 8.

What do I get in the Pro Edition?

Feature Free Pro
World-leading input methods for thousands of languages Yes Yes
Create your own custom keyboards Yes Yes
Start on Windows Login option Yes
Number of keyboards you can install 2 Unlimited
Associate keyboards with multiple languages Yes
Advanced keyboard information Yes
Keyboard hotkeys Yes
Interface hotkeys Yes
Language switcher Yes
Global language switch Yes
Character Map tool Yes
Font helper tool Yes
Character Identifier tool Yes
Hide startup screen Yes
Basic On-Screen Keyboard Yes Yes
Advanced On-Screen Keyboard Yes
Technical Support Options
Web-based Community Technical Support Yes Yes
Personalized, Direct Support via Email Yes

Learn More

Visit www.keyman.com/desktop to learn more or download!


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