Announcing the release of Keyman 10

We are excited to announce that Keyman 10 is now ready for download! This release of Keyman is especially significant:

  • Keyman is now open source
  • Keyman is 100% free
  • This is the first release of Keyman from SIL
  • Keyman 10 is available in simultaneous release for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and the web

What’s new in Keyman 10?

Keyman 10 has undergone significant refactoring to make it work more smoothly and bring it up to date with modern standards.

BCP 47: Keyman now supports BCP 47 language tags, meaning keyboard layouts can now be associated with any of the world’s languages, and correctly identifies script and region as well.

Packaging: A Keyman keyboard package “kmp” file can now be installed on all platforms – Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. This makes sharing and distributing keyboards easier than ever.

Unicode 11: Keyman 10 includes support for the latest release of the Unicode Standard, 11.0.

Support for Ctrl, Alt modifier keys and Caps Lock have been improved in Keyman for Android, KeymanWeb and Keyman for macOS.

The website has been refreshed to make it easier than ever to find a keyboard layout for your needs.

And of course, many, many bugs have been fixed!

Download Keyman

Learn more online and get the downloads at!


Because Keyman 10 is open source, it works best when you get involved:


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