We've just released an update to KeymanWeb 1.0 that includes fixes for a number of issues.  This version is already live on www.keymanweb.com and KeymanWeb subscriptions.

  • Internet Explorer 9 broke the On Screen Keyboard — when clicking on keys in the On Screen Keyboard, it would sometimes clear the whole text field.  This has now been resolved in KeymanWeb 1.0.164. (I3342)
  • Internet Explorer (all versions) had an inconsistency in handling deadkeys, which meant that some keyboards that relied on deadkeys worked incorrectly.  This would be especially evident at the start of a text field.  This was resolved in build 1.0.163. (I3318)
  • KeymanWeb did not support supplementary multilingual plane characters correctly.  This was highlighted by the recent release of the Egyptian Hieroglyphic keyboard, in which spacebar rotation for selecting alternate hieroglyphs was not working in KeymanWeb.  This involved a fair bit of work to comprehensively support supplementary planes, including developing a supplementary plane string library which we have made available for anyone to use.  This was resolved in build 1.0.163. (I3319)

If you are a KeymanWeb Professional registered user, you can login to your account at tavultesoft.com to download the update at your convenience.  If you are a KeymanWeb subscriber, you'll already have the update!

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