This is just a short blog post to describe our in-house tool for creating key images, such as the ones shown below.







How to use the key image generator

  1. Visit
  2. Type the key sequence you wish to use, such as Ctrl+Alt+C Backspace. You can use any Unicode character on your key cap.
  3. You can specify a different font if you need to or wish to ā€“ just enter it into the Font field.
  4. Scale the images up or down to meet your requirements by changing the value in the Scale field.
  5. If you need a spacebar key, use ___ (three underscores).  Similarly, for a + (plus) key, use ____ (four underscores), and for a space between words on a single key, use __ (two underscores).
  6. Once you are satisfied with the key image that appears, you can simply click the image below the input boxes to save it to disk as a .png file (on Safari or Internet Explorer, you may need to right-click to save the image).
  7. The key image generator will give each key image a default name based on the keys used.

Why do we generate .png files instead of rendering as HTML? Using a .png file gives a simpler experience when pasting into any HTML page on any site, and works well on all browsers. We may one day move to HTML-based key caps, but for now this is easier šŸ™‚

Key-have-fun_          Key-_un_-____


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