This is a quick technical note on different ways to activate Keyman Desktop for system administrators.

Activation using a command line tool

The simplest way is using the command line for kmshell.exe (located in Program Files (x86)TavultesoftKeyman Desktop 8.0):

kmshell.exe -activate <key> [-s]

Details on kmshell commands can be found on our blog.

Activation using VBScript

You can also activate using COM with the TavultesoftKeymanScript object (here in VBScript, I haven't checked for syntax):

dim kmcom, package, key, product
Set kmcom = CreateObject("kmcomapi.TavultesoftKeymanScript")
key = kmcom.GetProductActivationRequest(20, "ABCDE-...")
' Send this key to Tavultesoft, receive a response
var response = "..."
Set product = kmcom.Products.ItemsByProductID(20)

The process of sending the key to Tavultesoft and getting a response can be then be shifted to another computer, if your computers are not Internet-connected.

The COM API is documented at

You can send keys to Tavultesoft at

Activation using a network server

A network activation tool called Tavultesoft Activation Server is available at

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