Keyman Desktop Configuration can be run with command line arguments to simply automate a number of tasks.  It is also possible to use the Keyman Desktop API to accomplish all these tasks, but some are more easily accessed via the command line.

The command line program is kmshell.exe, and if run with no arguments kmshell will start Keyman Desktop.  Otherwise, the following command line arguments are available:

Argument Description
-c Start Keyman Configuration
-i filename [-s] Install a keyboard (.kmx) or package (.kmp) file (-s = silent)
-uk filename.kmx [-s] Uninstall a keyboard (.kmx file) (-s = silent)
-up filename.kmp [-s] Uninstall a package (.kmp file) (-s = silent)
-h Open Keyman Desktop help contents
-w Start Keyman Desktop tutorial
-t Start Keyman Desktop text editor
-ouc Check for updates online and prompt user if updates are found
-kw package Show help for the installed keyboard package
-kp keyboard Start print wizard for on screen keyboard for the keyboard
-activate key [-s] Activate Keyman Desktop (-s = silent)

If Keyman Configuration is run as an elevated command, then the command will run in local machine context, otherwise it will affect only the current user.

KMShell.exe may be found in %ProgramFiles%TavultesoftKeyman Desktop 8.0. On x64 operating systems, it may be found in %ProgramFiles(x86)%TavultesoftKeyman Desktop 8.0.

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