We have published an update to KeymanWeb, v 1.0 build 136.  This release makes the following updates:

  • The Alt key is now released in the On Screen Keyboard correctly.  This problem was especially evident previously when switching windows with Alt+Tab.
  • Firefox now scrolls input and textarea controls correctly when typing with KeymanWeb.
  • The On Screen Keyboard has some minor formatting changes:
    • The title "Tavultesoft KeymanWeb" is no longer a link – this had the potential for confusion and made it difficult to drag the On Screen Keyboard around.
    • The name of the active keyboard is now shown in the title bar.
    • The border colours are now more consistent.
    • The position of letters on the key caps has been tweaked.
    • The font size is no longer impacted by page-level font sizes.
  • KeymanWeb_Root variable is now ignored if a full path to a keyboard file is registered.
  • KeymanWeb_AttachType is now checked before attaching to dynamically created controls.
  • KeymanWeb now attaches correctly to dynamically created controls in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

The update has been automatically deployed for KeymanWeb subscribers.

Some additional fixes have been made to the KeymanWeb compiler, which will be available as part of Keyman Developer build and later versions shortly.

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